Working on My New Web Page

I have been working on my new web page for a couple of weeks now. I am hoping that I shall be able to build it up to the point where I can monetize it and make a significant amount of money from it. I am not thinking that I will get rich, nor even be able to earn a really significant amount of money from it. I realize what are realistic expectations. I have seen this guy named ewen chia claim that he was able to earn a million dollars a year off of affiliate marketing, but that really does seem absurd to me. There is just not much way that you could hope to make that much money from what I can tell. You would have to have tens of millions of unique visitors to your web page and probably that many of them clicking on the link and buying something. Of course if they were all buying something like a top of the line high definition TV sets, then you would collect a much larger fee off of every transaction, but that is not very likely in my opinion. My site is going to be designed to allow easy use of affiliate links though. It is going to have information about video games, movies and TV shows. Then at the end of each article you will have the opportunity to buy the product which is being discussed. That is the slick way to do it, because the person who is viewing the page is already interested in what you are talking about. If you are talking about some product that they are interested in, that is something which they are quite likely to want to buy. So you just give them the opportunity to buy it with you getting a piece of the action.