Ultimate Dreams Queen Natural Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex Mattress Review

There is no better way to support the environment than to use latex-made mattresses for sleeping. These mattresses are environment friendly and they have great utilities to boost.

Ultimate Dreams Queen Natural Latex Mattress is one of the top-quality mattresses available in the market.

Made from biodegradable bamboo fibers, the mattress uses Talalay latex as the core material for the product. The mattress soaks up heat to provide you with a cool sleep at night.

DreamFoam, the makers, are known for producing state-of-the-art materials. The Ultimate Dreams Queen Size Mattress comes with a unique pressure relief formula that keeps aches at bay.Ultimate Dreams Queen Natural Latex Mattress

Another type of mattress with similar support and decompression technology is Sleep Master Mattress.

Features of Ultimate Dreams Queen Natural Latex Mattress

The first feature of these mattresses is that it is naturally hypo-allergenic. You will get the benefits of having latex. The dust mites and particles that cause allergy are filtered by the latex and you get much less frequent allergy attacks.

Another feature of the mattress is that it prevents the inner foam from sagging due to the sweat of the sleepers in the morning. It absorbs the heat of the body and the sweat during the night.

So you wake up perfectly dry in the morning. The mattress also feels dry in the morning. People won’t have to dry their mattresses for hours with Ultimate Dreams Queen Size Mattress.

The third major point of the mattress is that DreamFoam has some of the best guys in customer care. You will get an email from them right after the product is delivered to your doorstep asking what firmness level you will choose.

Even if you don’t have a clue about customized firmness levels, the customer care officer would call and explain the whole thing to you. So, you will get the firmness that you choose for your mattress of use.

My Experience of using this Mattress

This Ultimate Dreams Queen Natural Latex Mattress worked like a charm for me. I can now sleep deeply and without any disturbances or tossing and turning. I have Sleep Apnea and thus require a CPAP for sleeping.

The beauty of the mattress is that I can sleep without CPAP now. It had a slight odor when I ordered it first. The odor vanished after two days of use.

This natural latex mattress conforms to my body nicely. If you have an adjustable platform, you can set the mattress there. All you will have to do is to rotate this mattress from time to time.

Answer to Few Negative Points

Some people have told me that the mattress is not what they expected. But in my opinion, the mattress works best when your foundation is right.

So, choose the best foundation for this queen-size mattress. Search on the internet for the best and suitable foundation. Concerning the price, the benefits of natural Talalay latex mattresses are many.

The environment-friendly mattress with bamboo cover comes at $$$ which for me is the best price they could offer. If you have firmness-related problems, DreamFoam has an “Ask Chuck” feature where you can ask for firmness-related help.

Final Word…

DreamFoam is a trusted company and with their range of mattresses, it is safe to say that they have something for everyone.

Ultimate Dreams Queen Size Mattress is a family mattress with latex properties. I’d say 10 years of limited warranty works just fine with $$$ of price.


It is definitely a good deal if you can crack one. The customizable firmness level and the superior customer care service works best with their line of products. It is a definite recommendation from me.