The Wind Storms Were Bad

I know that a lot of my family and friends were hurt by the strong winds that were all over the area and my mom said that the roof of her house was almost blown off. I thought that was a gunny thing for her to say since she doesn’t usually like to go out when it is windy. I went and I found a place that had mobile auto detailing in San Antonio that would be able to clean up the car that I had with my wife after all of the wind and sand were blown into her car. It was really bad and I did not want to bring the car to just anyone. I thought it was going to be easy to go and have a few people tell me where they get their cars washed but I found out the hard way that everyone in our area likes to actually go and use the different self cleaning areas that there are around our development.

The people that I found were great and they told me about all of the ways that they were going to help me clean out my car. I could not believe that I got to go and work with a family business that was going to make sure that all the grains of sand were taken out of her car. I could not believe how well they worked as a team, and the price was so much more reasonable than the bigger places that all of my friends told me to take it to. I could not have found a better place to get my wife’s car clean and the best part about it was that there was not one grain of sand in the entire car and I couldn’t believe it.