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Best Price Mattress 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress with 2 inch Memory Foam

I had been using the very loyal Simmons Spring mattress when it started falling apart after years of use. I thought to buy a new mattress and innocently went mattress hunting without knowing how outrageously they have priced every mattress!

Disappointed, I grabbed the computer and started searching online not sure whether purchasing over the internet was a good idea or not. However, the price deals were quite affordable to take a chance. I have heard a lot about memory foam and decided to buy this mattress rather than the traditional spring mattress I had.

I purchased this mattress to fit my wooden bed frame. The size I ordered was 8 inches thick. The mattress was delivered in professional packing rolled up within layers of plastic. It had a lot of weight but I somehow took it up the stairs.

The mattress took no time to expand to its maximum potential as soon I removed its wrappings. It expanded into a precisely 8 inches solid mattress as described on the website.

I anticipated the mattress to be softer and less firm but it turned out to be firmer than my old spring mattress.

When I gave it a test try, the bed totally surprised me with its cloud-like but firm impact. However, what bothered me the most was the very unpleasant smell of chemicals coming from the mattress. I, therefore, opened all my bedroom windows and allowed the mattress to remove the stink. I went to work and came back with a slight smell still roaming the room but not strong as it was before.


The smell completely evaporated till the next night. I decided to sleep on it and laid comfortably on the back but as I am a side sleeper, when I changed my position it required a bit of effort to move. This is because memory foam has small indentations to support your body according to your body shape.

When I changed the position again, it dislocated the first form that was made, making it somewhat weird. But in the morning when I got up, the mattress came back to its original form. It was great to watch it coming back to its normal state as I was expecting some body indentation on it.

I really love this best price memory foam mattress but I think I just need some nights to get used to the unusualness of memory foam. It is very comfy but it is quite unusual than the standard spring mattress I had. I love the amazing quality and the manufacture date says it was made on 9/22/11, means it was made only a month before I purchased it!

The price deal of this mattress is certainly unbeatable and with the free shipping facility, it is huge saver with amazing quality. I was going to buy a mattress from other online retailer who was charging $80 for shipping alone! Amazon is a complete saver! I am quite surprised to know that Amazon is providing free shipping as the product is quite heavy to move.

After using it for a couple of weeks, I have observed that it is getting more comfortable. It is probably because the mattress is slowly modifying to my body type and weight. When you lay on it, it instantly identifies the body to adjust it to the type. Also it takes some time to get out of the mattress in the mornings because body is aligned so comfortably along the mattress. This is sort of weird by very nice.

Although I must warn you that the mattress nestles your body completely, almost grasping all the body heat within, resulting in a heated up bed. So you may get a warmer bed than with a traditional spring mattress. For me it has not become a problem as yet because it is pretty cold at night in the Northeast but in summers this may become a problem.

Overall, I am quite amazed by the perfect firmness and softness of this mattress and also how it transforms according to your body requirements within a few days of use.

Be patient with the mattress and let it adapt to your body requirements for some days.
At such an amazingly low price with free shipping, this product comes with a brilliant quality. From material to the ease it gives, everything is top notch.

I really do not know how heavenly a $900.00 memory foam mattress would be!