Sleep Master 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Master 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

At a Glance

Memory Foam Mattress is a craze among people who want a sound sleep. This is the latest technology that is imparted in mattresses since 1991 by a Swedish company.

Memory Foam mattresses are those which adapt to your body heat to give you a sinking feeling and uninterrupted sleep. People are searching everywhere for a cheap Memory foam mattress for use.

But Sleep Master 8-inch memory foam mattress is probably the cheapest one in the market that is available. In addition, you will get the mattress in queen size too that is fit enough for the whole family to bump in.

How Memory Foam Mattresses Are Made?

Putting the Visco-Elasticity technology devised by NASA for the astronauts, Memory foam mattresses were commercialized in the early 1990s.

Since then, these mattresses are the number one choice for people who want a comfortable sleep. Sleep Master 8-Inch mattress is good for orthopedic prescriptions made by doctors.Sleep Master 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress utilizes 2 inches of memory foam that has 3 pounds of density, accompanied by 2 inches of super soft foam that counters the body pressure.

At the base, there is 4-inch support foam to boot. Therefore, it is the ultimate mattress at a low cost of just $237. That is a great deal.

Product Details:

The dimension of the foam is 80X60X8 inches and it weighs a mere 58 pounds only. Although the shipping weight for the mattress is 60.3 pounds.

Therapeutic Benefits

When we come home tired after a day of a hefty work schedule, we rely on our bed to provide us with a good sound sleep. But normal beds are not up to the standards and aren’t recommended by orthopedics.

Using the normal beds can lead you to have sore back and necks. But that is where Sleep Master 8-inch queen memory foam mattress is different.

The makers have their own patented Pressure Relief technology which works on the pressure points of the body. The mattress eases the back and neck pains that people mostly complain about.

The benefit to the Environment

People complain about strange odors when they use mattresses for longer periods. But Sleep Master Queen Memory Foam Mattress is made with “Evergreen” (a special type of Green Tea extract).

It counters the odor factor. ActivCharcoal is another material that goes into the production of the mattress. It contributes to absorbing moisture (if there is any).

The Sleep Master also utilizes the “Sleep Green” technology. So, this mattress is very much eco-friendly and bears no threats to the environment itself.

The mattress is made using the “Bio Foam” technology. That means the makers use natural oil derived from the seeds of minerals instead of chemicals like patrol oils. This makes certain that there are no risks posed to human health.

The product carries a 5-year warranty period with it which is a minimum considering other mattresses but the Sleep Master 8-inch queen size memory foam mattress lasts way longer than the warranty period. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the quality of the product itself.

My Time with the Mattress

My experience of using one of these mattresses is really great. It is already 8 years and there are no sagging issues with my mattress whatsoever.

The company assures you of one thing and that is, “The mattress goes through a series of tests and trial runs before one is finally approved” and the end product is something that will please you once you purchase it.

It contours the body perfectly reducing toss and turn issues while sleeping. One other thing to mention here is the quality of ActivCharcoal used.

You’ll not feel the sweat and bad odor when you sleep on it. This makes Sleep Master the perfect memory foam mattress within the reach of people.