Signature Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Signature Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Why it Is the Best for You?

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep once you are back from a hefty day at the office or from work. Doctors recommend we have sound sleep to rejuvenate our body fully before we head out the following morning.

But sadly, most of the time, our beds aren’t quite supportive of our body structure which leads to uncomfortable sleeping.

As a result, people might suffer from long-term backaches and sore necks when they wake up. A good memory foam mattress, especially, Signature 8-inch memory foam mattress could be the answer to your problems. You can buy the Queen Sized one for the whole family.

How the Mattress is Made?

Signature 8-inch Memory Foam mattress is manufactured using the same technology that was used by NASA to comfort its astronauts against the gravitational pull.

The mattress has 2-inch padding of memory foam at the top and adds 6 inches of high-density foam at the bottom. Naturally, the memory foam is made using Polyurethane.

Signature Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

It also has a softly knitted cover for use. The cover is breathable so there won’t be any sweating problems for the mattress. This mattress is designed to give people a nice feel. You can also customize the feel of the mattress.

Things to Remember

The Queen Size Memory foam mattress is meant for family use. However, you cannot use this foam until 48 hours from the time it is shipped to your address. It is highly compressed and then shipped.

The foam needs to be rolled open and allowed time to decompress itself and reach the original size. But the mattress is worth the weight as it is recommended for therapeutic support of the body.

It relaxes the pressure point of your body to provide sound sleep. As a result, people won’t feel sore backs or aching necks the following morning after a good night’s rest. Another great mattress is Sleep Innovations, it is made of 12-inch SureTemp Memory Foam and has a very good body support design.

Positives of the Mattress

Another good thing working in favor of the Signature 8-inch Queen-sized memory foam mattress is that it goes perfectly well with the Federal Flammability Standard of 1633 CFR. So, it is very much safe for use in warm conditions as well.

ILD standard 2 pounds of memory foam is designed to provide you with the ideal type of firm feeling that you are looking for. The foam is completely odorless and it doesn’t keep the moisture inside.

The foam is adeptly vacuum sealed so that people don’t experience any sogginess once they have bought it for themselves.

One can use this mattress on the bed, with a foundation, or even on the plain floor without facing any problems. The foam offers full care to every pressure joint of the body starting from the shoulders to the feet.

The foam is anti-allergenic. It doesn’t let any types of mold take over your mattress. Memory foam mattresses are heavier than your conventional ones but they are worth everything.

You can afford the Signature 8-inch memory foam mattress at a cool price that suits your budget moreover, it will last for years before finally giving in.

Why I Would Recommend it?

I have been having a wonderful time with the mattress for the last 7 years. It has been years but the mattress is still the same as the first day when it comes to performance.

The credit goes to the core foam that is used to manufacture the mattress. The core is dense and durable too. The experience of sleeping hasn’t deteriorated much and it is perfect for my family as we work long hours and need a long sleep in the night to rejuvenate ourselves.

I gladly recommend this mattress to everyone who is in need of hygienic sleep for a long time in the night.