Show Your Style With a Pine Chest of Drawers

There is nothing that can transform a room more than the effects that you can achieve with a piece of furniture such as a pine chest of drawers, dresser, hutch, or wardrobe. Pinewood has been a very popular wood for the use of home furnishings for many years and it is still quite easy to find antique pine chests of drawers in near perfect condition. Pine grows in abundance in most parts of the world. Therefore, it is usually a very affordable choice of wood to use for just about anything. This wood has a natural look that fits into any home’s decor and is among the most popular of woods that people will put into their homes. Pine is so popular that almost eighty percent of furniture that is made is done so by using at least some type of pine lumber.

Pine is very versatile and accepts color and stain easily. This is also a very good feature if you are looking to obtain a shade of furniture that will fit into your design theme. Pine is so versatile that is oftentimes called chameleon wood. The reason for this name is the fact that it can take on just about any shape or form. It can be transformed into just about any piece of furniture and can be whatever color that you choose so that it will fit in. The most popular use of pine is in the bedroom. This wood seems to do exceptionally well as bedroom furniture. It is very durable and can last for many years if taken care of properly. The majority of bedroom pieces that you find on the market today are made at least partially from pine. However, years ago people used other types of wood more commonly. Therefore, if you are looking to buy furniture that is made from pine, your best bet would be to look for more modern pieces and styles. You will find that there are a great many different ways that pine is used for home furnishing.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a solid pine chest of drawers, a cabinet for your kitchen, or a table for your living room, you will most likely be able to find several things that are made using the wood of a pine tree. This is a very affordable choice and can get you a lot of great-looking furniture for half of what you would pay for other types of wood. Pine is definitely the best way to go to save you money and give you something that your home needs.

South Shore Furniture Prairie Collection 5-Drawer Chest, Country Pine

3232035 South Shore 5-Drawer Chest, Prairie Collection, Country Pine. This elegant country-style 5-drawer chest boasts plenty of storage space and a stylized decorative kickplate that will bring a romantic, timeworn charm to any bedroom. Part of the collection’s 6-piece bedroom furniture ensemble.