Promoting My Chiropractic Practice Has Never Been Easier

You really need healthcare digital marketing in this day and age, even if you are a chiropractor who already has an established patient roster. I am always looking to help more people with their various aches and pains, but it is awfully hard to get the word out these days without using social media and a website. Putting ads in the newspaper doesn’t work because so few people read them anymore, and television and radio spots aren’t as effective as even ten years ago either. Younger people don’t even use those devices that much in the day of ipods and streaming video.

So I knew I needed a site and a social media presence, but I didn’t know the first thing about any of them. Setting up a site seemed really daunting, and the social media thing means providing a constant stream of content that I simply don’t have the time to create. I needed someone who could set this stuff up and manage it, and that is what I found online. I found a great company that takes all the hassle out of the process and who makes sure my sites are secure and filled with content.

I saw an immediate uptick in patients as well. I knew it was working because they were younger people and they said they saw me online or that they followed me on Twitter after seeing something a link to an article about their condition. It’s been such a success that I am kicking myself for not getting into this game earlier. I have actually discussed what I am doing with some of my friends in the field and they are looking into doing it as well. It just makes sense from both a profit angle and, more importantly, for helping as many people as possible.