Closet Space for Functionality

Organizing Your Closet Space for Functionality

One of the easiest ways to spice up your bedroom is to mix up what you have and do with your closet.  The first thing to do is clean it out, make a few different piles so you can start to manage your belongings.  Set one pile up for those clothes you just don’t wear anymore, either because they are out of style or they just don’t fit.  Next, have a pile for seasonal clothing.  Third, pile things that are usable every day and things you need to get to regularly.  Last, have a pile for shoes, purses, etc.Closet Space for Functionality

There’s no need early on to get a new closet organizer, focus on item organization.  So say goodbye to pile one, give them to a thrift store or burn them in effigy!  Just get rid of them!  Next, for seasonal items store them in a plastic bin and put them in the garage or storage unit, there’s no need to have sweaters out during the summer.  Once winter comes you bring in the bin and swap out the clothes.  We’ll hold off on doing anything with pile number three for a moment.  Let’s focus on that last pile.  Get a plastic bin or purse mount to store all those items.  For shoes, get the bin or better yet have a shoe rack that will store nicely.

The idea is to organize and minimize what you have before you go into arranging that last pile.  Use the floor and head space wisely, store evenly and spaciously so your new area doesn’t looked cluttered still.  Finally, take your everyday clothing items and match them up by style and color.  So if you’re a guy dress shirts together, white with white and each blue set up by its closest shade.   This may appear to be overkill, but what it does is allow you to quickly see what’s available and mix and match readily.

If you do want to take it a step further you can look into closet organizers, but you may find that you have everything you need already.