It is Always Better to Buy Overseas

I get my Cialis in Australia due to a number of reasons, the least of which is that I have to jump through a lot less hoops to get it. Too, the price tends to be lower. Come to think of it, I get most of my prescription medications outside of the continental United States. Do you know why prescriptions cost so much in the United States? It is because we are paying to subsidize the rest of the world. They are paying pennies on the dollar while you are paying serious coin for your stuff. It is ridiculous. They do it to fund their research while the rest of the world benefits from your subsidy.

Fortunately for me, I travel extensively due to work and whenever I am in Australia I make sure to stock up on my prescriptions. The Cialis I get in Australia is much cheaper and just as effective as what I could get here. It is also a snap to get your hands on it. Over here I have to schedule a doctor’s visit, spend time waiting around for him to see me, and then hope he is willing to write a script for it. Then I have to wait around at the pharmacy for the actual pills. It’s a major pain and I have to do none of this in Australia.

Some people think the new president will take on Big Pharma and thus make it easier for all of us in the United States to benefit from cheaper medications. I doubt it though. They’re making too much off of us to change. I highly recommend buying your Cialis from Australia. You don’t even have to go there to get it, really. Go online and find it yourself and take charge of procuring your medications for a fraction of the price!