I Needed Something to Cover My Windows for Safety Reasons

When I was young, I remember my parents keeping the curtains open on our windows all the time. It didn’t really bother me until I got older, but my other family members were never bothered by the fact that just anyone could look into our home. Now that I’m married, my husband likes to keep our blinds open, but we had a man looking into our home last week and I cannot have that happening. To find a happy medium, I looked for some frosted film in Sydney to help to cover our windows. I feel so much better about my own security now.

I suppose that I didn’t start worrying when I was much younger about windows always being open because we lived miles away from the next nearest homes. I would say I was a teenager before the windows open 24/7 started to bother me. This is because I would hear animals outside walking through our yard, and it sort of gave me the creeps. Sometimes, if a big animal passes by the house, I could hear their footsteps and it sounded like human footsteps. Living in the city on my own, I always kept my windows shut at night. But I married my husband a few years ago, and he doesn’t like to feel closed in all the time.

Last week, I was just out of the shower and was walking through our house in my nightgown. I heard what sounded like a branch snapping outside. I immediately looked up, and I saw a man standing at our front window staring in at me. I was speechless at first. And I think he didn’t expect me to catch him because he looked surprised, too. He had his hands up around his face so that he could get a better look. I screamed and he ran away. Now that I have frosted film on all the windows, I can keep the windows open without fearing anyone can see in.