Homeowners Prepare Home for Full Energy off the Public Grid

We live at the edge of the suburbs. We have city water and are connected to the the natural gas service and electrical grid of the utility companies. However, a benefit we have is the old wells here are still functional. The new sewer lines coming through caused all the homes to be forced to disconnect from septic systems and hook up to the public sewer. No problem. Sewer pipes do not fail like water and electricity can. We have an emergency water supply with the wells and were now looking at solar panels prices to have an emergency electricity supply.

In learning more about it, we discovered that we could probably go off grid from electricity altogether. The house had a furnace that burned wood alongside a natural gas furnace. We could install solar panels and batteries to power lights, well pumps, refrigeration and other needs. The wood-burning furnace could be fired up if there was a problem with the gas supply or if wood was cheaper at any given time. The solar panels would generate electricity year round. We would probably have to rely on the electrical grid to run air conditioning in the summer though. However, if the grid went down, we could just open the windows and maybe turn on a fan like my grandparents used to do in this house in the summer.

It became a passion of ours to be able to not have to rely on a single source for our energy needs. When we finally got the solar panels prices and had them installed, we had a major storm hit. People were without power for days. We had power throughout. For low energy usage days, we actually feed power into the national grid. You can use that to offset energy usage from the grid. Over time, solar pays for itself by you not having to pay an electric bill. Plus, you have independence from the grid.