Getting Back into the Game

The My Cafe cheats have given the game a new life for me. When the game first came out, I used to play it all the time. I would take my phone out in the middle of class and play the game while I was taking my notes. During my break at work, I’d play the game while listening to music. Eventually I stopped playing the game because I couldn’t really do much without having to pay extra money. When faced with the choice of paying or not doing something at all, most of the time I just won’t do something, unless the cost is absolutely worth it.

A friend of mine also used to play the same game and told me that there was a new cheat that was released for it that would give me all of the gold and diamonds I ever wanted. This was groundbreaking to me, because by having an endless supply of gold and diamonds, I could play the game indefinitely, or at least until I got bored of it. I would’t have to spend money on the game at all and the game would be better to play because I could do more with the time I have.

I installed the game and the cheat on my phone and it was like being in love again. I picked up right where I left off and it was like I hadn’t missed a beat. I could play the game in my sleep, given how long I’ve been playing it and how good I’ve gotten. Even though the game gets more challenging in the later levels, I can still keep up with whatever curve the game tries to throw at me. I guess it’s because I’m still young and have a lot of dexterity for moving around in the game.