Don’t Go Under the Knife

I have a few friends who had the stomach surgery where they literally make a new stomach for your and it is literally the size of a pea. I could not believe how all of them had the surgical complications of infections. I wanted to be sure that I had people that were going to support me when I decided that I wanted to lose weight and I found that there were people in the area that would buy oral jelly for Australia citizens and also be supportive. I wanted to be sure that I was going to feel safe with the group that I was going to lose weight with. i was so happy to see that there were so many people like me who loved food. I know that the plan works for me and I will not be able to beat it. I have to stop eating so much and going against the plan when I know it works.

I am very much an emotional eater and I know what it feels like when you do not want to think about anything but food. I will get up and do things like clean my house when I want to eat because keeping me busy is always a good choice for me. I do not do well when I sit down and just watch TV or do something else. I usually just end up eating a lot of food instead of just going to the gym. I have been feeling pretty sick for a while so when I start to feel better I will be sure to go to the gym. I love going to the gym, I always feel better when I get there and when I leave I end up feeling like a different person that went in there.