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Soaking Tubs

Three Popular Types of Soaking Tubs

The popularity of conventional bath tubs are now constantly diminishing as more homeowners are shifting to the use of a more efficient, relaxing, and appealing kind of tub – which is none other than the soaking tubs. As the name implies, these tubs are much deeper as compared to the regular bathtubs. They are the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxing soak after a tiring and stressful day at work. Unlike other types of the tub, soaking bathtubs do not often include any kind of faucet or shower attachments, and even jet combinations since they are solely created for soaking.Soaking Tubs

Soaking bath tubs come in different types and stylish models, which include the following:

  • Greek Soaking Bath Tubs – These tubs are usually shorter as compared to the regular soaking bath tubs. They are the ideal choice for homeowners who have small bathrooms. They can be produced from a variety of materials, and may come with different tub accessories.
  • Roman Soaking Bath Tubs – Modern-day roman soaking bath tubs are typically comprised of a deep tub that has a filler spout that rises off the deck of the tub rather than the bathroom wall. These tubs got their name from the baths created by the Romans. The most notable feature of this tub is its deck-mounted faucet that allows the overflow tubes to be installed in a much higher location. This kind of faucet setup offers deeper water level, which the user can surely enjoy.
  • Japanese Soaking Bath Tubs – This is perhaps one of the most popular types of soaking bath tubs that are being used today. Japanese soaking tubs are intently designed to fully envelop the users’ body with water. They feature a built-in seat where the user can sit on as they enjoy a pleasurable and relaxing soak. With the increasing demand for this type of soaking tub, Japanese tubs now come in a wide assortment of styles, designs, materials, and features.

Make sure to carefully assess and evaluate the aforementioned types of soaking tubs to help you spot the one that suits you the best. But regardless of the type that you choose, investing in one will surely make way for a more enticing bathroom experience.

Vessel Sink

What is The Vessel Sink?

Vessel sinks are growing in popularity due to their stunning designs. It is a resemblance to the old days when people used to keep a washbasin on a dresser in their room for cleaning up. Adding one of these fixtures to your bathroom can create a whole new look to an otherwise cliche bathroom style. With so many styles to choose from, you bound to find a design that fits the look you want.Vessel Sink

If your bathroom is small and you still desire one of these elegant-looking vessels sinks to add to your decor, consider the drop-in sink style. This type of vessel sink can be integrated with a vanity cabinet. The common materials used for these types of sinks are usually ceramic, porcelain, or fire clay.

Pedestal sinks are also a nice option for space savers. The sink sits on a pedestal which hides the plumbing inside. Though small and quaint, with this type of sink you do not have the option of cabinet storage. If storage is not an issue for you, this may be the way to go.

If space is not an issue for you, then you have the option to choose from many different styles. You can even choose a sink with a waterfall vessel faucet. If you like unique and different, a design like this can add a great contemporary touch to your home.

Vessel sinks are made for many different materials. The following is a list of some of the different materials used:

Various China
Stainless steel
Mosaic tile
Fire Clay

With so many unique styles and materials, you are sure to find one that satisfies your taste.. Once you have chosen the shape and the material of your vessel sink, choosing a faucet will add the finishing touches to your new look.

Fiberglass Shower Enclosures

Fiberglass Shower Enclosures – An Option To Consider

If you are thinking about replacing a shower in your home or adding an additional shower unit, fiberglass shower enclosures are an option you should consider. These units are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors and price points so you can find an enclosure that meets your needs. Additionally, fiberglass showers are very easy to maintain.Fiberglass Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are available in two main configurations – seamless one-piece units and multi-piece units that can be configured to fit as needed. One-piece units have the advantage of being very easy to install, but you may find that existing doorways will not accommodate these units. In this case, you should opt for the multi-piece units. If you are replacing an existing shower unit, it may be easier to use a multi-piece unit that you can fit into the existing space, especially if you can not find a new one-piece unit with the exact measurements you need.

One-piece shower stalls are available with many options. Some have seats built into them which is a convenient option for anyone with mobility issues. Many of these units also offer shelves, towel bars, grip bars, and soap holders that are part of the unit. Larger showers can be purchased that have dual shower heads so that more than one person can shower at the same time. Corner shower stalls are also available that will allow you to make the most of a small space.

If you do not need to replace the shower floor, or if you can not find a one-piece shower stall that exactly fits your space, you can also purchase fiberglass shower wall panels. These panels can be cut to fit the existing floor and wall space with a sharp razor blade and let you to fit the walls to almost any configuration. While shower wall panels take a little more work than a one-piece unit, they are also more versatile and are often the best option for pre-existing construction.

Fiberglass enclosures are a relatively easy installation for experienced do-it-yourselfers. With the enormous variety of options available, you should be able to find a solution that improves the appearance of your bathroom and has all of the options that you need.

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles For A Beautiful Floor

Many bathroom floor options are available today and you no longer have to use ceramic tiles unless it is what you really want to. So many homeowners still choose to use ceramic tiles that they must have a good reason to do so. This article will look at the reasons why ceramic is a good choice for a bathroom floor, bathroom walls, and even in the shower.

One word of caution bathroom wall tiles should not be used for the floor, it is possible however to use floor tiles on a wall.Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

Design possibilities are endless with ceramic tiles. Today’s tiles come in any color you might dream of and size. Both colors and sizes can be matched or contrasted at will. You can create a mosaic, you could include some enameled tiles, in bright colors, or even metallic tones. Some manufacturers sell pre-made mosaic designs. It is easy to incorporate those in your overall floor, then just grout the whole floor together. When you remove the paper that was holding the tiles together you see a work of art gotten with little effort. For another truly unique look, you might consider mixing your ceramic tiles with glass tiles. Glass tiles are also available in a variety of colors. Another possibility for people who don’t mind spending more is to have an artist make some hand-decorated tiles that can be used in your design.

Installing bathroom floor tiles does require some expertise, and if you have never done it, it might be a good idea to consult an expert installer.

Ceramic tiles are extremely easy to clean and maintain. They will last without losing any of their original beauty for years to come.

Depending on the tiles finish some may be slippery when wet, but with careful selection, you will be able to buy no skid tiles for your floor and you can keep the highly vitrified tiles for the walls.