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Learn How to Build a Fire Pit Like a Pro

Fire pits are easily becoming widely popular. Many people are eager to learn how to build a fire pit. They are very easy to install which is why you can easily build it yourself. Once you have built your own fire pit, you can enjoy using it all year round. It can even make your backyard a popular place for gathering especially on cool evenings.

Choose a location

Before installing the fire pit, you must choose an empty place. If you will place the fire pit close to plants and shrubs, you might damage and even kill them. Also, don’t place them too close to your pool, fence, or home. The ash and soot from the fire pit can be damaging.

Check local building codes

You may also want to check the local building codes for any restrictions or rules & regulations. Although in small communities, to have something small like a fire pit doesn’t require approval. It’s only important to check your local utilities so you will not end up building a fire pit above a gas line or water line. Before you start any fire pit construction, make sure that everything is going to be legal.

Prepare the chosen location & Fire Pit Safety

After choosing a location, mark an outline where you would be placing the fire pit. You can use flour to mark the area. You can also use a stick to dig out a small trench to mark the spot. Bear in mind that the chosen area should be large enough. It must accommodate the fireplace grate. It must also provide at least one to two feet of space on each side. But the perimeter should not be too large, just enough for you to enjoy the heat from the fire. Remove completely any plant life in the area such as grass and flowers. If you remove the grass in layers, just set it aside. Use it to fill in any bare spots around the pit later. The only hard part in this project is removing the dirt. You will need to dig down and remove around six inches of soil from the entire area.

After removing the soil, smoothen and flatten the ground. The perimeter must be lined with some fire proof landscaping material. This will serve as safety precaution and protection. You can add pieces of rock or fire bricks. Once you finish the entire edge, prepare to create a decorative floor. It can be decorated with gravel, sand or even heat resistant lava rocks. Maintain at least two to three inch layer on the entire bottom. This will make the fire pit look nicer. This will also prevent an unsightly mud hole from forming around the pit when it rains. Then, install a drain pipe into the floor to serve as your drainage.

Begin building the fire pit

Now you can set your fireplace grate in the center of your pit. Fire wood to be used can be any kind as long as it’s not prohibited by your local authorities. You should be aware that there are certain types of wood that will create noxious vapors.

So do you think you can carry out these simple instructions of how to build a fire pit? It’s much better if you will experience the whole process. But if you don’t have enough time you may still opt to ask somebody else and build it for you. Maybe you have a friend or family member who is a pro in building a fire pit. He might want to do it for you.

Rattan Garden Furniture Set

Opt For A Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture Set

For a garden, rattan furniture has always been a popular choice because of the general stylish and sophisticated designs. Rattan is actually a vine and is a well-known natural material utilized in manufacturing wicker furniture alongside seagrass, canes, reeds, bamboo, and palms. Among these materials, rattan is the most sought after.

Durable as they naturally are, rattan vines make very sturdy wicker furniture that lasts quite long when placed in warm and dry surroundings. But, if often exposed to moisture and humidity, they can get damaged, or get molds, through time. Therefore, it is recommended that these furniture items be used indoors instead of outdoors.Rattan Garden Furniture Set

Rattan Ball String Lights

Each boxed set of string lights includes a 9.5-foot string of lights and 10 lanterns spaced 10 inches apart. Great for indoor or dry outdoor use. Our string lights provide a simple yet creative way to add ambiance to any setting. Outdoors these lights are great for decorating patios and gazebos, party tents, etc. Indoors they provide wonderful accent lighting.

Cheung’s Rattan Metal Set of 2 Oval Container

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 2 oval containers Beautifully crafted, this Cheung’s Rattan Metal Set of 2 Oval Container can be used in multiple ways, be it as a serving piece or as a display indoors or out it complements any décor. Adored with a beautiful flower design, it is an impressive addition to any setting whether it is the office or the home. Each metal container is individually built with each top artisan’s originality. Stylish, great for a rich luxury, and comfort of living room décor this beauty also makes a great thoughtful house-warming gift!

Strathwood Cypress All-Weather Wicker Bistro Chair, Brown

Many people who really want to have these rattan furniture outdoors could not do so due to the mentioned problem. To this, there is an ideal option, the synthetic rattan garden furniture set. Such is a very good alternative because they look similar with the real ones. More so, since these are composed of synthetic man-made raw materials which have ‘long-lasting’ benefits, they can definitely withstand any weather condition. They can be put in porches, patios, right beside swimming pools, or near the shore on the beach.

The synthetic version is also called as resin, PVC, or poly outdoor furniture. Any of these is manufactured with the intention of having it hold out extreme weather situations. This is because the plastic materials used can resist intense temperature changes without minimizing the durability. And since plastic is usually light, this makes the artificial wicker furniture lighter than their natural counterparts. This way, they can be transferred from one place to another without much hassle.

There are many models, colors, types, as well as designs of dining set, rattan garden corner sofas, poly rattan loungers and bistro sets available, in many furniture outlets, particular retailers or dealers, and via the internet. With the wide array of choices, surely there is a set most suitable for any garden, or lawn, to that matter. For the best and most practical buy, prior research is suggested. Inquiring directly from manufacturers will be a big help, too. Having them custom-made may also be considered, as some outlets allow such.

Natural or original rattan furniture items are generally much more expensive than the synthetic version simply because constructing such rattan items piece by piece consumes more resources and time. Those who can very well afford the price/s as well as agree to place them in roofed areas most likely prefer the original pieces. However, many of those who can afford still opt for the synthetic ones because of their open-outdoors endurance capabilities. Those with just-enough budgets will absolutely be happily satisfied because aside from this weather-resistant feature, the synthetic rattan garden furniture have a much lesser price range without sacrificing attractive elegance.