Best Storage Unit Prices Around

I am looking for a place to put some of my extra things and I know that I definitely do not want to get rid of them. It is just a matter of not having enough space in the place where I live to be able to store them here. I think that Store Friendly might be an option for my stuff, but I am going to have to look around some more and compare some prices before I actually make a firm commitment.

I probably have bought more things than I really need, and that is part of my problem. But at the same time, I must admit that I really like most of the things that I own and so I would find it hard to part with any of my stuff. Instead, I think that at least a temporary solution will be reached by finding a storage unit to use to house the stuff. That would be a pretty good option, all things considered, so long as it did not mean that I would have to spend too much money on this whole thing.

My main problem is that I have a couple of pieces of furniture in my possession which I do not have a good place to put, and so I am going to have to put them in storage. Yet, I do not know how much money it is going to cost to buy a storage unit that is big enough to store them. It is a bit of a problem but one that I can probably sort out with the use of a tape measure. I do not really want to invest in a storage unit that is going to be any bigger than what is necessary to meet my needs at the moment.