Are We Buying Organic or Hype?

Organic. It’s a term that is now being used on a multitude of consumer products. Well known for being applied to ‘organic’ foods under specific FDA parameters, this term can be found on everything from the apples at the grocer to the shampoo you buy at your hairdresser. Is it all truly organic? Are we simply buying into another hyped up consumer buzz word in an effort to stay ‘green’ and healthy? It’s going to vary by country and how they regulate the advertising term organic. I’ve found the products at to be both reasonably priced and actually organic in nature.

As consumers, it’s our person responsibility to conduct our own research into the products and the seller in order to understand what we’re actually buying. In the United States, organic has very strict guidelines that must be followed in order for any product to be advertised as organic. If you’re having a product shipped from overseas you’ll want to look into local regulations and how they define organic – it might not be what you expect! For instance, most of us who are purchasing organic products expect the products to be grown and produced on a farm that encourages biodiversity, are not a GMO crop and have been treated with natural pesticides – if any at all.

Currently, it’s the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the E.U and a host of other countries that are required to receive a special permit and certification in order to market food or other products as organic. Is organic healthier? Are we doing ourselves a favor by paying for organic products? That’s a question which hasn’t found an answer just yet but for many people organic does help them feel better. Placebo or not, it’s my recommendation to always do intensive research before buying into any sort of marketing hype.