A Double Dose of Lightning

They say lightning never strikes twice, but it certainly did on my home. One evening during a thunderstorm, two bolts of lightning struck the top of my roof. It was one of the loudest sounds that I had ever heard and I thought my house was going to collapse. After the storm was over, I got out my ladder and took a look at the roof. There were burn marks on the roof where a little fire had started, but the rain put it out. The storm damaged the roof, so I had to get roof restoration in Brisbane by finding a local company.

I was a little scared to go back into my home because another storm was expected to happen, and if lightning could strike my roof twice before, then there was a chance that it could happen again. I was pretty lucky that only my roof was damaged by the storm. If things had been worse, the roof might have collapsed, or the fire might have spread to the rest of my home and burned it down with me still inside of it. Or I could have run outside while the storm was still going and been struck by lightning. All of these thoughts were running through my head and I didn’t feel safe at all.

The roof was easily repaired by a repair company and things went back to normal. No more bolts of lighting struck my roof and the storm passed by. My fears about something going wrong died down. Whenever a loud lightning strike happens, I put my pillow over my head and wait for it to pass. Hopefully that’s the last problem I’ll have with lightning, because there are a lot of old trees around my home, and if one of those gets struck by lightning, I might be in trouble.