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Perfect for Backyard Block Party

Employing the services of a screen hire did wonders for our big block party this year. It’s an annual tradition to have the party, and it’s only gotten bigger the longer I’ve lived in the area. I remember ten years ago we could fit all the people in the neighborhood into the cul-de-sac, but that is old news now. Many people have moved into the area and the size of the crowd has grown to the point where we had to move the celebration to a field. It’s nice, but it’s a challenge to provide entertainment to a crowd of that size.

I got a spot on the organizing committee in the neighborhood and one of my responsibilities was organizing the block party. I soon discovered there were a lot more funds available to me than what had been actually used in years past. I wondered if maybe we could look into a screen hire as a way of entertaining the guests. Someone suggested hiring a band, which I thought was good at first, but we soon rejected that idea due to the fact that perhaps many people wouldn’t like the music they played. I sold everyone on the screen hire.

We found a firm that rents big screens for various events, such as business and charity events, and they were happy to work with us for the party. They brought the equipment out and set it up. It’s quite an undertaking because you’ve got the screen plus all the audio and visual equipment that goes with it. We decided to show movies on the screen and that wasn’t a problem either. The party went off without a hitch and the movies screened went over really well with the crowd. I’m positive getting a screen will become a yearly thing moving forward.