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My Mom Needed New Locks

When my father went to Heaven a few months ago, my mom insisted that she was going to continue living at the home they had shared for over 40 years. I completely understood this, and I knew that she was quite capable of living on her own. However, I also knew that she was going to need help in some areas like taking care of the lawn and her car maintenance. I live close enough to where I can help with these things. What I needed help with though was finding a 24hr locksmith Brisbane because she wanted all of her locks changed after she started living on her own.

My dad was a very trusting man, and he had no problem giving a house key to an electrician or contractor. He knew they would give it back, which they always did. My mom is a bit more cynical than my dad though, and she knew that someone with questionable morals could make a copy before giving it back. She had no idea if any house keys were floating around out there or if there were a dozen. I wanted to find the best locksmith for her, and I needed one who could come out on the weekend when I could be there.

I knew that my mom could handle it on her own, but I just felt better being there too. I looked at every locksmith who was in the area, and it was easy to pick out the one I wanted mostly due to so many positive reviews. I also liked that they offer garage services too, as my mom has a garage door that does not function properly. I thought that it was the motor, which it turned out to be. So now my mom has all new locks and a working garage door, and she is very selective in who gets any of the keys.