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I Wanted to Save My Business Before It Was Too Late

I understood fully that I needed to do something fast to try to save my failing business, but I wasn’t sure at first what steps I needed to get started with. I began talking about it to other people in the small business group that I’m a member of. One piece of advice that I heard often was to work with a digital agency to make sure that my website presence is strong. This was new information to me. A friend’s son built my website two years ago, and he never mentioned that anything needed to be done beyond creating my page and putting it online.

It turns out that your website is a major part of what keeps your business alive if you don’t run a major company that is already a household name. People across the world carry out millions of different searches in a variety of different search engines each day. If they do not see a link to your business website up near the top of the list, then your page gets lost easily. Previously, I was not really sure how to get my link up near the top. The guy who created my website did not mention it. I assumed that it simply takes time for that to happen, but that is definitely not how it works.

I asked each of the people who gave me the advice of getting with an agency about which company they used. One particular company name came up over and over again, so I decided to call that company. I explained that I felt like I was a newbie to the whole online thing, and asked that they please explain everything to me in simple terms. When they were done, I felt that I understood enough to hire them. They have been hard at work on my page, and now new customers are finding me every week when they do a search for my products!