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Heat in the Server Room

A room with a lot of computers in it needs to remain at a constant cool temperature, or the risk of the hardware overheating increases. I run a web host out of New York City that let’s people store millions of files and create their own websites. The host consist of multiple computers acting as part of a web server in one room, spread across multiple racks. I normally keep the temperature in this room cool because of all the constantly running machinery, but one day I needed an HVAC company in NYC because the air conditioner stopped working.

It doesn’t take long for a room packed with computers to start heating up the air. I had some backup box fans in storage to keep the air circulating in the room while I looked for a suitable repair worker, but that would only keep things cool for a short period. Eventually the air would start heating up and the fans would only be blowing the same hot air around. There are no windows in the room where the computers are housed, so there was no way I could have blown air outside or blown air inside. Although, the air outside wasn’t much cooler anyway, so it would have been pointless.

As soon as I got in touch with a repair worker, he rushed over to the building and began working on the air conditioner. He was able to restore it to working order in 15 minutes. He pretty much saved my computers and saved the files of people all over the world. If the computers had overheated, the server would have shut down and everyone’s websites and content would have been offline, which most likely would have cost a lot of people money, and it definitely would have cost me customers.