Does Alcohol Effect Gout Disease?

I want to know if you can still drink when you have been diagnosed with gout. I hope so, because I do not really like the idea of trying to give up booze all together. It is not going to be very easy, if I do have to do that. So I am going to check online to find out can you still drink alcohol with gout and hopefully I will still be able to fit a little bit of alcohol into my diet while dealing with my gout. But I am already in quite a bit of pain from the gout, and so if it turns out that I need to eliminate alcohol from my diet entirely, then that is what I am going to do. I really don’t want my gout to get any worse than it already is, as it is a very awful thing to deal with and it also scares me quite a bit.

It is starting to make it harder to get around, because of the swelling in my feet. Continue reading

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